Water Footprint, Circular Economy and Ecosystem Services Group

Contact: grup-petjadahidrica@oat.cat
Contact Person: Beatriz Amante

About us

The main task of the Water Footprint, Circular Economy and Ecosystem Services Group is to develop activities, studies and proposals related to these main topics. More specifically, the Group focuses on analyzing the impacts of water consumption in the city to the ecosystem, the water footprint, resources availability and the improvement measures towards a circular economy.

What we do

The Group’s main goal is to address sustainability in two main principles. The first being the sustainability of the integrated water cycle to grant and improve the conservation of water resources, aquifers, ecosystems and surface and groundwater. Also, minimizing the use of resources, avoiding pollution, reusing water, adapting water quality to uses and implementing improved technologies to capture, treat, distribute and optimize rainwater usage, avoiding losses and waste.

The second principle is the sustainable, effective and efficient water management and supply. Beyond financial and economic sustainability, water management and supply must also grant environmental and social sustainability. This is assessed through the diagnosis of the ecological status of water systems using multicriteria analysis tools, developed through scientific knowledge and social participation. The assessment must be based in the advanced knowledge of all aspects of the water cycle and the use of best practices and technologies available. It must also incorporate scientific, technical and experiential knowledge as well as social work and participation.

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