Research Works 2019/2020

La qualitat i el sabor de l’aigua a Terrassa, propostes de millora

Estudiants: Cristina Martín i Irene Baltà

Escola: Institut Can Jofresa

Tutoria centre: Dídac Zoyo

Tutoria OAT: Bea Escribano

Balanç hídric i proveïment de la ciutat de Terrassa

Estudiants: Ivet Marques i Nonna Roig

Escola: Institut de Viladecavalls

Tutoria centre: Alex Caparrós

Tutoria OAT: Anna Crispi i Juan Martínez

APP fonts d’aigua Terrassa OAT

Estudiants: Júlia Agulló

Escola: Institut Nicolau Copèrnic

Tutoria centre: Iván Cantón

Tutoria OAT: Juan Martínez

Web del OAT

Estudiants: Miguel Angel Lujan i José Ignacio Barragán Lopez

Escola: Institut Nicolau Copèrnic

Tutoria centre: Iván Cantón

Tutoria OAT: Juan Martínez

Research proposals


For the proposed areas and research papers titles see contents in the proposed educational activities and research papers.

For more information: Coordination of Final Research Works in Middle School, High School and Training Cycles: Beatriz Escribano

Sheet 01 Definitions on citizen participation, citizen empowerment and social control.

Sheet 02 Tools and methodologies for social control.

Sheet 03 Water remunicipalisation process and new service governance.

Sheet 04 Definitions on citizen participation, empowerment. Proposal for the application of the transparency criteria in water management.

Sheet 05 Proposal of indicators of the water management service.

Sheet 06 Detection of water leaks in distribution networks.

Sheet 07 Feasibility study for the implementation of sustainable technologies: wetlands built in Catalonia.

Sheet 08 Water and climate change.

Sheet 09 The impact of plastic generated by the consumption of bottled water in Terrassa.

Sheet 10 Application of the SDG targets related to water.

Sheet 11 Water uses and impact on ecosystem services.

Sheet 12 Proposals for minimizing, optimizing and reusing the use of water resources.

Sheet 13 Appropriate technologies and solutions based on nature.

Sheet 14 Traditional irrigation technologies in self-consumption agriculture.

Sheet 15 Training activities on water in schools.

Sheet 16 What do we know about water?

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